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Scrapp wants to see you in your sexy lingerie, without exposing yourself. He wants you to keep it sexy but classy. Scrapp wants you to prepare your favorite dish for him for Thanksgiving. It is as if you are headed to the Grammy Awards. Get in your best outfit, your red carpet outfit and flaunt it. Show us how you would look at the Grammy Awards on the arm of Scrapp Deleon! Everyone knows that King loves Lego's. So, King had a brilliant idea. King says the woman that would like to spend her life with his Dad should be able to build their dream home out of Lego's. So put you architectural hats on ladies and get the building. The best home will be selected and the winner will earn a handsome reward. Upload your video of the Palace built for a King. Who is creative? Are you creative enough to make a stylish fashion forward dress/outfit out of a beach towel? I'll be the judge of that...show the world what you got ladies.




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Meet The Family

Ladies just so you know Scrapp's family will be setting the challenges. Also ladies keep in mind - make sure you always try to Wooo the family because each family member has the power to give one lady a pass to the next level!